Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 Reading Goal

After I set a 2013 reading goal for myself, I wanted to share it with my students.  I hope that sharing my reading goals will encourage my students to set their own goals and to read more. 

Around the same time I contemplated displaying my reading goal, I was inspired by this post from the Book Bug in which she shared a book goal chart she created for her media center.  I created a grid in Microsoft Word, added the numbers from 1 through 120, and then enlarged it using our poster maker.  I created a title in Print Shop and added it to the top, announcing my goal to students and staff. Each time I finish a book, I print a small picture of the book cover and add it to the poster. 

The display has generated a good bit of attention so far.  A group of incredulous third graders recently asked, "You like Lunch Lady too?!"