Saturday, April 6, 2013

Story Laboratory Book Fair

It's book fair week!  This spring's Scholastic Book Fair theme is "Story Laboratory." I am so fortunate to have great parent volunteers to help set up and decorate.  They created an amazing robot, which we placed right inside the media center doors.

After we set up, I held a teacher preview after school.  During this event, teachers are invited to check out the books and create a wish list for families who would like to purchase books to add to classroom libraries.  I served guaca-moldy and chips, earwax salad (watergate salad), oozing cupcakes, fresh flesh roll-ups, read-ioactive (gummy) worms, and sludge punch to all of the staff members who came to the preview.  

Students came in for previews the next day.  They were greeted with with a message from the robot.  One of our custodians recorded a message using an app that changed his voice to that of a robot's.  I played the message for kids as they came through.  The message told the kids how to fill out their wish lists and to keep the books tidy.  The younger kids loved it and even the older kids had fun guessing whose voice it was.  

Yesterday, I overheard a precious conversation between two first grade boys about their favorite Captain Underpants book.  I love how the book fair excites kids about books and reading!

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