Saturday, October 1, 2016

Atlanta Maker Faire 2016

Today my son Caleb and I attended the Atlanta Maker Faire in beautiful downtown Decatur.  A Maker Faire is a gathering of people who make things who share their creations with others.  There is always a wide variety of projects that are shared, from arts and crafts to robotics.  There were so many wonderful experiments to see and projects to tinker.  I learned a lot that I hope to use in our school Makerspace!

Janke Glass Studios demonstrated how to blow glass.

This man from the Flint River Knife Club made a knife out of an old motorcycle chain.

The 3DP Workbench is a huge 3D printer!  It made the red chair above.

Zane from Hack Berry Lab helped kids make their own paper lamps using a template cut on a cutting machine, an LED light, and a coin cell battery.

Nature's Appeal makes beautiful crocheted rugs and bags out of recycled plastic bags (plarn).

These guitars are made out of cigar boxes and they play beautiful music!

Kennesaw State University has a robotics team that designed an autonomous submarine.

A local school with an amazing robotics program brought some of their Vex robots for festival goers to drive.

I love this hot wire!  I have a little hand-held hot wire, but this one cuts much straighter!

These 3D selfies by My 3D Worlds are so realistic!


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