Monday, April 4, 2016

Feelin' Groovy Book Fair

It's book fair week at my school!  Scholastic's spring book fair theme is Feelin' Groovy Book Fair: Peace, Love, and Books.  The decorations included lots of peace signs, flowers, and lava lamps.  I used my new Hot Wire to cut these shapes from insulation foam and painted them in bright tie dye colors.

After my volunteers and I set up the fair, I held a teacher preview with a 1960s style buffet.  Foods included cocktail weenies, grape jelly meatballs, deviled eggs, a vegetable tray, Lipton onion soup mix dip and Ruffle potato chips, a Jell-o mold, chocolate bundt cake, and tie dye punch.  Teachers browsed through the new titles and created their wish lists during the preview.


This was our most profitable spring book fair ever!  Our students were really excited about lots of great new titles, including Ellie's Story by W. Bruce Cameron and DC Comics Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice by Derek Fridolfs.


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