Thursday, May 5, 2016

Littlebits Tic Tac Toe

Our third graders have been exploring Littlebits this week!  When students arrived, I explained to them what Littlebits are and how they can be used.  I showed students how Littlebits are color-coded and the functions of each of the types of bits (power, input, output, and wire).  As I introduced each type of bit, I added it to the circuit and displayed it under the document camera.

Then I introduced Littlebits Tic Tac Toe, adapted from another media specialist in my district.  Students worked in groups to select three activities from the tic tac toe grid to complete.  After they completed each of the three circuits, they used iPads to take pictures of themselves with the circuits to document their work.  After each picture was taken, students sent one group member back to the Littlebits storage cabinet to return bits they no longer needed and retrieve bits needed for the next circuit.

I recently reorganized our Littlebits into a new storage cabinet and labeled each drawer.  This made it so much easier for students to find what they were looking for and clean up.

Eventually, I'd like for our third graders to be able to use our Littlebits independently and start thinking about how to use them beyond basic circuits.  But for now, the tic tac toe was a perfect introduction to Littlebits!

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